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Improvement of your title tag, description tag, keyword tag, and ALT tags and text links tags on your page, plus code check. All these elements influence your search engine ranking.

Where do I start?
Most people will start the process of getting a website designed by doing a lot of research on their own. You will surely talk to a number of designers to compare their price lists. Well, it looks like you have finally reached a point where you have shortened the list to us! You should put forward your requirements clearly such as the purpose that your website will serve, your participation in the process of the creation of your website and the final budget that you have envisioned for the website. We do almost all of the work during the project and we also ask our clients to provide as much written text and photos as possible that will be included as part of the design.
How much will your services cost?
The final cost of the website depends on many factors. It is difficult to give an offhand estimate of the website without knowing the detailed requirements of the project. The final cost of the website is dependent on many elements such as the strategic planning and development involved, web design, graphic design, database development, multimedia, interactive features, SEO, web maintenance. We will be able to give you the definitive cost involved after you have given us a detail of your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation.
How long does it take?
It is dependent on my factors. There is a lot to be done and there are so many ways of doing it. It may take as short as a day or as long as two months to finish a project depending on your needs, the size of your website, the complexity of your site design and our priorities at the given time. We will be able to give you a tentative idea of the time involved once all the other details have been sorted out. Even though unforeseen delays due to vacation, priority shifts, delay in receiving text or images from the client and changes in scope are part of the process, every effort will be made to see that your work does not suffer unduly because of them.
Distance have any impact on the work?
A look at our portfolio Portfolio will convince you on that point. Almost all our clients have situated far away from us and we have managed quite well in developing websites for them. In fact, we have established processes and systems that have enabled us to communicate and collaborate effectively with our clients. In fact, we communicate so often with our clients, that we never realize that we are separated by thousands of miles. We keep our clients abreast of all the processes involved in the development of the website from the start to the finish. You can keep in contact with us by phone, email or chat (Google Hangout, Yahoo) or even all of them.
Will I be involved in the development?
It is your website and our primary motive is your satisfaction. We will accommodate all your ideas, as long as they are practically possible. A frank discussion of all details will surely help us a lot in the process and help us build a healthy relationship. The key to a professional relationship lies in the fact that you trust us completely. We always try our best to give our clients what they want.
What is your preferred mode of payment?
Online Payment by Credit Card thru (PayPal)


We specialize in WordPress design and we do all of the work during the project and we also ask our clients to provide as much written text and photos as possible that will be included as part of the design.

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