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Jay Z’s Alleged Son Is Not Letting Up Anytime Soon With His Paternity Suit

Jay Z’s alleged son, Rymir Satterhwaite is back at it again along with his paternity fulfill versus Jay Z. Jay Z is dealing along with a bit of legal drama already, for the rap mogul to still be hearing from his alleged love child. Satterhwaite isn’t budging on his belief that he is Jay Z’s son. He is now taking his case all the way to a U.S. congressional hearing. Radar Online reports that Satterwhaite needed to plead his paternity case, in order to have actually something valuable to job with. Apparently the support from the FCLU (Family Civil Liberties Union) paid off because it ultimately gained the nation’s attention and interest. A source told Radar Online that Rymir has actually been approved to speak and will get about five minutes in front of Congress to discuss the complications in family courts and the system! There had allegedly been claims from those around Rymir calling your man out for doing all of this for publicity. What are your thoughts?

The “Real Cookie Lyon” Is Back At It Again With Suing The Creators of Empire!

‘Empire’ is back on your television screens and apparently so are the lawsuits. A woman claiming to be the real Cookie Lyon has actually filed a brand-new suit versus the show. Her aim is to take the creators down! Sophia Eggleston has actually filed brand-new court papers claiming that the infamous role of Cookie (played by Taraji P. Henson) was stolen from her 2009 autobiography, ‘The Hidden Hand.’ Eggleston wants Lee Daniels and Danny Strong to pay her millions. Since day one, numerous have actually claimed the show is loosely based on their lives. Apparently Eggleston originally filed papers herself, but now she has actually had them professionally written and filed. Her attorneys seem to believe she has actually a good argument as the Cookie character is basically Eggleston, especially before she went to prison. The brand-new court documents likewise claim that Eggleston met along with screenwriter Rita Miller in 2011, and Miller said she would certainly pitch the concept to Daniels. This lawsuit points out 23 characteristics and plot points of ‘Empire’ that are likewise included in Eggleston’s book. Do you think she will win the suit?

Is Big Sean Causing Trouble In Paradise Between Jhene Aiko & Producer Husband?

Photo via Jhene Aiko’s Instagram

A few weeks ago producer Dot Da Genius confirmed via Instagram that he and singer Jhene Aiko were in fact married. The only problem is, since Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have actually been promoting their collaborative project ‘Twenty88,’ Dot has actually deleted photos of Jhene off of his page. Supporters immediately took notice and asked Dot why he deleted their marriage announcement, and he replied saying,

“Not w/ the Hollywood stuff.”

Uh oh! Does this mean there is trouble in paradise for the couple? Well the recent interview Big Sean & Jhene did along with Flaunt Magazine surely raised some eyebrows, and it listed the two as single. Jhene even says they went on a date. What’s really going on? Is Big Sean out here breaking up happy homes? LOL.

jhene aiko dot da genius big sean

Publicity Stunt? Are Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Really Engaged?

According to Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, the “couple” is now engaged. We should say this still feels like one big publicity stunt. It’s crazy that Kylie Jenner and Rob Kardashian have actually the same stepchild. Out of all of the people in the world, and out of all of the people in the “industry” these two ended up together. Rob was always the black sheep of the Kardashian family, and Queen of petty Blac Chyna never got over Kylie stealing her man Tyga, so we guess it all makes sense. Jeweler Ben Balller even congratulated the couple on the engagement, shouting Rob out for coming to him or her to get the massive ring. Hey if they like it, we love it.

Chy & Rob #Lit ..?#Love FYI no picture or video does the ring justice ??

A video posted by *LoLa Monroe* D.C (@iam_queenroe) on Apr 5, 2016 at 3:00am PDT

blac chyna

Rick Ross Responds To Haitian Fresh’s Fight Offer

Wow. Rick Ross responded. You know, it takes a lot for a Rick Ross to respond, directly anyway. Earlier today, Rozay got a fight offer from Haitian Fresh. And Fresh was upset stating that Ross and DJ Khaled have actually violated him. I don’t truly know exactly what is going on.

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