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f we filter the qualifications further to look for the last time the Hot 100 top 10 housed four or more rap songs that also appeared on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs -- as this week’s rap quartet does (thus, we're backing out the pop-based rap hits) -- we would have to go back over six years to the March 14, 2009 ranking. On that list, T.I. was at No. 2 with “Dead and Gone,” featuring Justin Timberlake, and was followed by “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” from Soulja Boy Tell ‘em featuring

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Cori B is Snoop’s daughter. The song has an awesome message. People were trying to say this song was a gun control song, but they’re wrong. What they’re saying is that there is no NEED to have guns because they are having a good time. This is an anti-violence song, not an anti-gun song. The auto-tuning in this song worked. Cheri liked the hook as her favorite part of the song. Heit liked the line, “If we all were rich, we’d spend more time.

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Beyoncé is definitely on the go as she has been releasing new music video in a weekly basis, she is now working on the best 4 tracks - "The Party." And just like her other music videos, the sexy expectant mother will be showing her smile, flexibility while under a very provocative, futuristic and simply alluring outfit that will surely be on the spreads of every magazine in the stand. Kelly Rowland, the former member of Destiny's Child, also dropped by for the video.

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April 5, 2016 No Comments

Curren$y – ‘Revolver’ (Movie)

Revolver is a musical narrative picture from film-maker CJ Wallis, @fortyfps, adapted from 6 brand-new raps written by Atlantic/Jet Life Recording artist Curren$y over original production from Taylor Gang’s own Sledgren. The film co-stars JetLife members DJ Duffey, Cornerboy P, Mr Marcelo and Mousa Hamdan and T.Y., Young Juvie & Lil Soulja Slim. Narration for the CJ […]

April 5, 2016 No Comments

Nave Monjo Unleashes New Track “Hundred Million” Featuring Audio Push

After a year of endless touring in 2015, Audio Push has actually began 2016 dropping music left and right. Along with the release of their album ‘Stone Junction’ approaching on April 8th, the anticipation has actually not stopped building. The West Coast group, that is now residing in Atlanta is no doubt picking up on […]

April 5, 2016 No Comments

Premiere: D.X.B Unleashes New Single “I Got The Juice”

Some may know him as a charismatic enthusiastic athlete, who loves football so much he works out daily to perfect his skills on and off the field. Others may know him as a forward thinking student and it doesn’t stop there, D.X.B, the young energetic rapper that spits hot, uplifting lyrics to the delight of […]